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Wedding Day Make Up Essential Tips

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I’m not going to lie; on your wedding day you are going to be the center of attention. So obviously you’ve got to put your best face forward! Before becoming a full time photographer I spent 11 years in the commercial and editorial print-modeling world, in front of the camera. During this time, I had the opportunity to work with some truly talented makeup artists and photographers. Some of the make up tips I’ve acquired I still use in my daily “get ready” regimen. So, I thought hey, I want to share some of my knowledge with my Brides or any Bride looking for some help in the wedding day face department!

My first and most favorite tip I would like to share is the importance of water. Make sure the days leading up to your “Big Day” you consume plenty of water, as this will really help your body do many things, however for the skin, its really important to get that glow and healthy color, which you just can’t achieve when your body is dehydrated.

Another skin essential is to stay away from harsh skin treatments a few days leading up to your wedding day and avoid trying any new products or make up that may contain harsh ingredients.

Of course if feasible hiring a professional make-up artist to manage your wedding day face is best. Let’s face it, from all the events, photos, kissing your groom, dinner, photos, weather, your wedding day face can change and we both know that you want to look your absolute best the whole way through.

If you’re doing your own wedding day make up here are some great do it your-self suggestions!

1. Apply primer one for the face and another primer that’s specifically for your eyes. This will really help your makeup application stick.

2. Choose a makeup that’s oil free to help prevent too much shine (you may sweat a bit due to stress or nerves).

3. Either get or give yourself a facial a week before the wedding, to help really clean the skin up and prevent any potential last minute breakouts.

4. Look for a light reflecting powder or bronzer. Even highlight sticks will work. You want to place the light reflecting product in areas such as under the eyes and deep wrinkles, or even where you may have scars or dark spots.  Here is one that is affordable and works really well! Lunar Dust -Young Blood

5. Make sure to moisturize about 20 minutes out from when you want the actual make up application to start. This will really help the skin fully absorb the moisturizer.

6. Powder blush versus cream, since you will be doing a bit of running around hugging, kissing, face to face kisses you’re surely to loose a little bit of your rosiness. Cream blush is fantastic for color and application, however it just doesn’t stick as well.

7. Applying a good concealer that matches your skin tone under the eyes, will significantly help reduce the touch ups after the crying you most likely will do.

8. LIP BALM!!!!! Keep some super moisturizing lip balm with you at all times. Drinking that water will help with your scaly lips but some lip balm on those smoochers will make lipstick application all that better!

9. Choose a lip liner that is the same shade or lighter as your lipstick or gloss color; the dark lip liner is so outdated. Lip liner is super important for helping keep that lipstick where it belongs and not running out of the edges of your lips.

10. Keep your wedding day colors in a palette that you are used to and actually feel good about on your face. Nothing is worse than a bride who lets a makeup artist do their own thing or even have a friend do what they think, which could make you feel off when you look in the mirror. Warm tones are best for in person interaction and your on camera face.

11. Waterproof your lashes – ok so you’re really hoping to not cry, well even if those eye well up with tears it can still affect your mascara, while your at it apply an extra coat just for assurance!

12. Since you’ll go through a fair amount of touch ups it’s best not to keep caking on the powder do to shine overload. Instead alternate between oil blotting papers to keep the face shine free and not to built up. Try these they are pretty fantastic >>> Shiseido -Oil Control Blotting Paper

13. Finally take your face for a test run! A few months or even weeks out, test out that face. This tactic should be tried for DIY or those of you hiring a professional. Get your face out, hit the town, take a walk, (a mellow one) eat a meal, roll the windows down, (not advised for testing wedding day hair) anything you could think of to truly help you simulate your wedding day obstacles. See what’s working and what area could use some help.

No matter what your style is, you want to look beautiful for your wedding day and I hope these little notes help, though some of it may seem silly, but these little tricks really do work! If you have any questions I’d love to hear from you!  Amber Janke Photographer –

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