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Uniquely Styled Engagement Sessions

Engagement photos often get overlooked or even let go of all together.  Often times couples think “we” we have so many photos of us already”, if thats the case you’re not realizing the opportunity you’re passing up!  An engagement session can be set up from every aspect, think about it we set the schedule, we choose the weather, there will be no other conflicts or events that can slow or alter our time of shooting.  During your engagement shoot with us we can hand pick a theme, your style and the locations we choose to shoot at.  For our team shooting the engagement session can be lots of fun!

Newer to our line up is Cinematic engagement videos which are great for placing on your wedding website or even as a save the date.  As us more info to learn about this addon option to our other wedding packages.


Nick and Sashian – Desert Hillside Engagement Session

We did it again, took two lovebirds and stuck them out in the dirt!  Well really they did it to themselves!  Nick began telling us how he and Sashian... Read More »

Charlene and Matt – Dairy Farm Engagement Session

This little story starts like this…..Charlene emails Amber, Charlene asks “Hey what do you think about shooting our engagement session on a dairy farm?”, Amber replies, “ummmm YES!” and... Read More »

Anna and Ryan – Sedona Engagement Session

Like many of our couples we didn’t get to meet these two cuties until the day we showed up to shoot their engagement session!  Right away we completely clicked... Read More »

Jenna and Mike – Fishing Boat and Paddleboard Engagement

For years we’ve been looking to shoot a couple in the too-lies in the Lake Havasu Gorge.  Who better than Jenna a seasoned Paddle Boarder and Tri-Athlete.  Mike just so happens... Read More »

Lindsay and Scott – Scottsdale Engagement Session

With only a few weeks left to go for these two before their big day, we had a lot of fun running around Old Town Scottsdale!  Lindsay and Scott... Read More »

Kati and Cole – Hay Farm Engagement Session

This is Kati and Cole, Kati is a hay broker and hooked up this killer shoot setting!  Needless to say we had an absolute blast and are so excited... Read More »

Kari and Adam – San Juan Capistrano Engagement Session

Adam and Kari met up with us in San Juan Capistrano where we began our photo session, like most of our sessions the moment we meet up with a... Read More »

Mykal and Jacob – Ghost Town Engagement Session

One gorgeous sunny day in February we headed up to Oatman and local Ghost Town set up in a hillside in Mohave County.  We love shooting here as the backdrops tend... Read More »

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