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The Traveling Photographers Needs

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As a professional photographer nothing is more stressful than loading your gear onto an airplane or even packing it in a car.  Lets not put it out there but hey there is always a strong possibility of some sort of accident that could harm or damage your camera.  Now what in the world happens when your whole batch of L series lenses are being thrown onto your plane without your knowledge (and yes they most likely throw our gear) even though you have marked it EXTREMELY FRAGILE?

You can always turn to a lense or camera rental store. Now you may or may have not even known something like this even exists, well it does!  And yay for us!  See know matter what precautions us pros take, being so careful and selective in our gear loading process or even purchasing the highest and best coverage for our equipment possible there is always still an unknown factor that only so much is in our control.

I’ve turned to many online rental stores or even local stores if I’m in a big city.  Most of these online guys can supply you the gear you need next day!  If you’re lucky enough to be near a big camera store which in a city you almost always are close to atleast two or three, then your set.  One in particular that always has a great selection no matter the size of your production can be found here at Camera Rental Miami

As a professional wedding photographer you can’t go wrong getting familiar with big production and equipment rental companies like these and knowing their staff, their gear and how it all works.  After all you can never be too prepared when it comes to covering someones wedding day!


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