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Let the Season Determine Your Wedding’s Color Palette

Posted on September 9th, by admin in blog, helpful articles. No Comments

Your wedding vibe will be set by the color palette you choose. When deciding, ask yourself which tones you have always been drawn to. Which colors evoke feelings of joy and love when you look at them? To identify your vision and offer yourself some clarity, start planning by making a mood/vision board. Gather clippings from magazines or fabrics you love from craft stores and arrange them on a piece of corkboard, so you can see how they look together. Vary the shades and textures of materials. You can add pops of other colors, and you may come up with a combination you never thought of. Or, you might find out you’ve unconsciously known your wedding colors since you were three.

When choosing wedding colors, try to keep it to three: dominant, support and accent. Consult the season, your favorite bloom, your idea of bridesmaid dresses or colors of the venue (if you’ve already chosen it) for inspiration.


April showers bring May flowers, and your spring wedding is seeing green. When choosing a color palette for your spring wedding, you might look to pastels and earthy colors. As flowers bloom and grass grows, springtime offers new life, symbolic of your wedding day. Bring … Read More »