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Best Family Photo Session – Rotary Park Lake Havasu City

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So Anne and I have been trying to beat the weather and the sniffles for weeks, heck wait…..months! So glad we paired up when we did, even though we got a gloomy day. I feel like we got some pretty darn good photos. The heavy clouds didn’t hold them back as they where all smiles and up for retakes when the sun finally did peak through.

I really loved photographing Anne and Luke’s kiddos, they where a lot of fun. They had so many suggestions and ideas of their own which made my job all the better. Capturing kids doing what they do has to be my most favorite thing about family photo sessions.

It was also pretty cool to capture a generation photo as I myself have one and it’s really significant to have, there fore taking one was an honor 🙂 Check out some of my favs from my recent family portrait session right here in Lake Havasu City!


Lauren and Nick – Post Wedding Shoot Lake Havasu City Arizona

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With many weddings things tend to go down a little differently.  Sometimes things run late, the weather can affect events running smoothly or certain times of year the sun goes down a little too soon!  At Lauren and Nicks wedding although we got some really amazing shots when it was dark Lauren and Nick didn’t get a chance to get some portraits of themselves in any sunlight at all.  So we all headed out for a little fun in the sun if you will and mixed things up a bit!

Another little interesting side note to Lauren and Nicks wedding was that they never got to the cake cutting.  So Lauren did what any bride would do……..or would they? 😉  She saved the cake, not letting Nick even taste it, she saved it so we could get together photograph it and then destroy it.  At most weddings one common thing we always notice is the Bride and Groom don’t always get to enjoy their dinner, so we thought let’s capture this bride and groom at least enjoying some post wedding grub!  Check out our pics of Lauren and Nick living it up in their wedding attire newly married!

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