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Patricia and Richard – Wedding Hualapai Mountains AZ

Posted on September 11th, by admin in blog, weddings. 1 Comment

These two are no strangers to our blog, if you’ve been following our work then you’ve definetly seen them on our site and in our ads.  You could say that team JJP hearts them!  Jeff, Brandon and I shot their wedding on a partly cloudly day here in Arizona, this was our first August wedding here in Mohave County in well……ever!  Typically you don’t even want to go outside in August let alone shoot in it, however the overly hot days took a break to let in light showers which dusted ground to keep the mountainous terrain magical and the 5k+ elevation of the Hualapai Mountain range sure does help.

I have to note that the second the ceremony completed the rain kicked up sending everyone into the covered reception area, it was so incredible the timing, what a way to get people to move!  I love a simple wedding with sweet details, close family and friends and lots of laughter.  There where tons and tons of truly amazing photos to share of this campfire inspired wedding (they even gave out smores as their favors)  I mean how cool is this couple!  Patricia and Richard thank you for choosing us, it … Read More »

Corrina and Jeremy – Wedding Red Setter Inn Greer Arizona

Posted on July 19th, by admin in blog, weddings. 1 Comment

So when we booked these two we had no idea where Greer AZ was.  Turns out it’s a ridiculously gorgeous drive through green desert landscape into literally a forest which in itself is pretty rare in Arizona.  When we arrived at the Red Setter Inn we where greeted by Corrina and Jeremey’s family right away who where all the sweetest and most accomodating people ever.  I love these close knit families that all get into it and take part of the whole day.  Corrina and Jeremy had the who lodge to themselves which was fantastic, know other people poking about to get in the way, and full freedom to do what we want and take pictures where we want! Needles to say we loved it…

Corrina and Jeremy had tons of amazing details which you see in the pics below and incorporated their children into the whole theme of things!  We really had a blast with their whole group and enjoyed getting the opportunity to photograph them.

Please look through our favorites of Corrina and Jeremy’s mountain rustic Greer Arizona wedding and enjoy 🙂

Location:Red Setter Inn