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Maurice + Pascale – Scottsdale Wedding at The Clayton

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If you’ve browsed through our blog then you’ve seen these two.  It seems like a lifelong friendship leading up to their wedding day.  Thats maybe the BEST part about what we do.  We get to know our couples on such a level that it’s actually bitter sweet once the big day is over.   Maurice and Pascale we’ll never forget meeting you two after emailing back and forth, the phone calls, texts etc.

Pascale deserves an award for the amount of thought and detail she put into her wedding and the little pieces that made it so unique.  Not to mention looking absolutely stunning on her wedding day!  And Maurice you deserve and award for your help and role as a groom to be!  You Maurice have to be on record the coolest easy going groom ever!  As you both know you totally rocked each and every photo-shoot we’ve ever done together and working with you both has been nothing but a truly fabulous experience!

The vendors that all took part in their big day did and outstanding job and if you’re a bride looking for a special vendor that goes above and beyond then check into some of these greatly talented people and what they … Read More »

Rachel and Moe – Engagement Session AZ Biltmore

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We knew we where going to hit it off with these two when we met over Skype!  Super laid back, totally in love easy going on the eyes, what more could a photographer dream of! I’ll never forget Moe’s Iron Maiden shirt, if it wasn’t so out of place I’d rock my IM shirt on their wedding day!  Don’t worry Rachel I would never do that 🙂

In typical Janke fashion we  asked these two what they’re into and where they like to spend their time so we could conjure up the best spot to take their engagement pics.  Rachel told me all about this gorgeous walk they like to do and I knew right then that would be our spot!  See Jeff and I have always had our special walks in every neighborhood we’ve ever lived in, so I completely appreciated the uniqueness of this upcoming day!

Just as we knew every shot including the first one was amazing!  Rachel who is quite gorgeous had one knock out look after another and Moe is just as good looking and looks completely smitten in every shot (which I love)!  You can’t go wrong with the look of love…

We did our best to narrow it … Read More »

Anna and Ryan – Sedona Engagement Session

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Like many of our couples we didn’t get to meet these two cuties until the day we showed up to shoot their engagement session!  Right away we completely clicked with these two and couldn’t wait to get started.  If you’ve never been to Sedona first of all, go……NOW!  Seriously I joked with Anna that we could literally just pull over anywhere and start shooting and we’d be guaranteed amazingness!

Anna and Ryan just so happen to be ultra good looking and completely new how to style themselves as well!  We like always couldn’t wait to get back to our computers and start editing our geeky little hearts out.  Let me tell you the three hour drive was a killer!  Their wedding which we will get to share here in a week or so was just as adorable!  Stay tuned for their pics from their big day coming soon!

Amber + Jeff

Jenna and Mike – Fishing Boat and Paddleboard Engagement

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For years we’ve been looking to shoot a couple in the too-lies in the Lake Havasu Gorge.  Who better than Jenna a seasoned Paddle Boarder and Tri-Athlete.  Mike just so happens to be a competitive fisherman who was more than willing to involve his fishing boat which helped add to the unique and fun engagement session ideas!

The weather was perfect and our subjects where a breeze to work with!  I think they heard Jeff and I oooohhh and ahhh over our photos as we where capturing them more than we typically do.  I mean what do you expect, when you’re photos are turning out Ahhhmazing with every click 🙂

Jenna and Mike we are so excited to share your pics on our blog!  Thanks for getting creative with us!!

Corrina and Jeremy – Wedding Red Setter Inn Greer Arizona

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So when we booked these two we had no idea where Greer AZ was.  Turns out it’s a ridiculously gorgeous drive through green desert landscape into literally a forest which in itself is pretty rare in Arizona.  When we arrived at the Red Setter Inn we where greeted by Corrina and Jeremey’s family right away who where all the sweetest and most accomodating people ever.  I love these close knit families that all get into it and take part of the whole day.  Corrina and Jeremy had the who lodge to themselves which was fantastic, know other people poking about to get in the way, and full freedom to do what we want and take pictures where we want! Needles to say we loved it…

Corrina and Jeremy had tons of amazing details which you see in the pics below and incorporated their children into the whole theme of things!  We really had a blast with their whole group and enjoyed getting the opportunity to photograph them.

Please look through our favorites of Corrina and Jeremy’s mountain rustic Greer Arizona wedding and enjoy 🙂

Location:Red Setter Inn


Ashley and Joe – Scottsdale Engagement Session

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Everyone Meet Ashley and Joe!  These two lovebirds have known each other since the toddler years!  Yep thats right Joe says he remembers seeing Ashely for the first time when she was three years old.  The two grew up in the same circles you could say, as both of their fathers played in the big leagues for the Minnesota Twins.  How sweet is that?  Currently residing in the Scottsdale area Ashely told us all about her favorite hiking spot where Joe decided to propose to her.  We where lucky enough to head up to the trails to grab some incredibly gorgeous scenic shots of these two in the hot Arizona sun!

Who would have thought that some desert trails could captivate such beauty!  Ashley and Joe are getting married later this year in December and we are so looking forward to their nuptuals.  Not only are these two totally easy on the eyes and a blast to shoot, they also happen to be really sweet people.  I mean they with stood many many photos in some pretty hot temps and they just kept smiling and looking fabulous!

Check out some of mine and Jeff’s favorites from … Read More »

Amanda and Eric – Engagement Session Castle Rock

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We met up with Amanda and Eric wayyyyy too early for my creative liking BUT we got some really fun shots!  Guess we can pull it off even before breakfast!  Scheduled in next Summer we will be shooting Amanda and Eric at their Havasu Landing Wedding Location, which will be a first for us 🙂  These two where great sports as we ran them all over the Crystal Beach and Castle Rock areas looking for the perfect set up to match their fun spirited personalities!  Check out some of our favs from that bright and early Sunday morning!

-Amber and Jeff



Lindsey and Nate – Backyard Wedding Fort Mohave Arizona

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From the moment we photographed Lindsey and Nate in Oatman Arizona a few months back we couldn’t wait for the opportunity to shoot their big day!  Lindsey has this ridiculously gorgeous smile that spans ear to ear so you literally can’t take a bad photograph of her.  I’ve never seen a bride not take her eyes off her groom an entire ceremony until meeting Lindsey, there is so much love and happiness when these two are together that it is really tremendous to see!  I had the opportunity of getting to do a reveal and a little early morning shooting of the two of them and Nate was so nervous about seeing his gorgeous bride it had to be the sweetest thing I’d ever seen.

How could I forget all the details…….

Lindsey had been working on every single detail of her wedding for I believe “years”.  I’ve never seen so many adorable hand picked, home-made and hand-made gems in one place before.  We all had so much fun just shooting the details even before there where people there!  The setting was beautiful, simple, elegant and sincere.  Set in a family member of Nate’s home, where the guests where encouraged to roam around … Read More »

Forrest and Mary Taylor at El Rio Country Club

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