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Paul + Hayley – Wedding at The Boulders Carefree Arizona

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Paul + Hayley – Wedding at The Boulders Carefree Arizona

Having never had the opportunity to shoot at the Boulders yet we where pretty excited to capture up all the amazing views and gorgeous landscape.  In true Janke form we drug these two all over the property to catch just the right light and we did our best to make sure we miss any back drop!

Good thing for Paul and Hayley that they where well seasoned with our antics and came prepared for our creativity!  There where so many breath taking colors and gorgeous settings that I literally created new presets inspired by this setting.  One of which I named “Magical Desert”  hee hee!

Although it took a bit to comb through all the portraits of these two that where just fantastic we narrowed it down.  Please take a moment to browse through our favs from Paul and Hayley’s gorgeous wedding day at The Boulders in Carefree, AZ.

Amber + Jeff

Amazing Vendors that need mentioning: Venue – The Boulders Hair – The Getaway Studio by Danielle  Makeup – Gina Schroeder Creations  Wedding Planner – Cara Morrison w/ A Day to Cherish  Lighting – Karma

weddings-at-the-boulders01 weddings-at-the-boulders02 weddings-at-the-boulders03 weddings-at-the-boulders04 weddings-at-the-boulders05 weddings-at-the-boulders06 weddings-at-the-boulders07 weddings-at-the-boulders08 weddings-at-the-boulders09 weddings-at-the-boulders10 weddings-at-the-boulders11 weddings-at-the-boulders12 weddings-at-the-boulders13 weddings-at-the-boulders14 weddings-at-the-boulders15 weddings-at-the-boulders16 weddings-at-the-boulders17 weddings-at-the-boulders18 weddings-at-the-boulders20 weddings-at-the-boulders19 weddings-at-the-boulders21 weddings-at-the-boulders22 weddings-at-the-boulders23 weddings-at-the-boulders24 weddings-at-the-boulders25

just in case you didn’t see this little guy in the shot above next to them here’s closer look.  He let me get so close 🙂weddings-at-the-boulders32 weddings-at-the-boulders26 weddings-at-the-boulders27 weddings-at-the-boulders28 weddings-at-the-boulders29 weddings-at-the-boulders30 weddings-at-the-boulders31 weddings-at-the-boulders33 weddings-at-the-boulders34 weddings-at-the-boulders35 weddings-at-the-boulders36 weddings-at-the-boulders37 weddings-at-the-boulders38 weddings-at-the-boulders39 weddings-at-the-boulders40


Hayley your father daughter dance may go down as one of my most favorite dances of all time!  Did your dad tell you he facetimed with our daughter?  Hee hee, she asked him why he was talking with an accent!!  weddings-at-the-boulders41 weddings-at-the-boulders43 weddings-at-the-boulders44 weddings-at-the-boulders45 weddings-at-the-boulders46 weddings-at-the-boulders47


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