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Erik + Emily – Wedding Brooklyn New York

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Erik + Emily – Wedding Brooklyn New York

This being my first trip to NYC you’d say I have been pretty pumped up for these two to walk down the isle!  Erik and Emily chose The Foundry as their wedding day location and wow is all I have to say.  This perfectly aged industrial building was such a gorgeous setting.  With three levels, two inside and one outside we had so much fun running around grabbing up different angles and views.  You’ll really get to see this place in all it’s beauty in their cinematic wedding film coming soon!

The day started with us capturing Emily’s details and her placing the last few touches on herself before we headed off to the Foundry.  John and I walked with the girls grabbing some street footage while Jeff shot the guys with some great raw backgrounds through out the streets.  Once we got inside the Foundry we fell in love, it’s wide open space and insanely gorgeous natural light made our jobs a breeze!

Their ceremony was so sweet and very detailed and we enjoyed capturing every moment of it!  Please take a look through some of our favorite photos from our first (but not last) New York City Wedding.

If you like what you see here please check their cinematic wedding film here

Amber and Jeff

Amazing Vendors:

Floral: Quatre Coeur – Owner Ruth Muzio

Catering:  Bartleby and Sage – owner Leslie Nilsson

DJ: 47 Events –  ( DJ was Duane Harriott)

Venue: The Foundry

Cake: Collette Foley



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Couple Q&A:

His occupation: head of design at Hawke & Co.

Her Occupation: Technical Designer at Aeropostale

How did you two meet?: we worked at the same company. Erik asked a co-worker who was that pretty girl and asked me to have lunch with him in Bryant Park. We started out as lunch buddies.

Was it love at first sight?: It was for Erik when he saw my brilliant smile and cute dimples and my totally smoking hot legs!!!!! For me it was a steady build as I got to know him better because I was very busy and focused on my collection at the time… and was drawn in by his amazing personality and ravishing good looks!!

Her Favorite memory of their wedding day?: Getting into my dress, my mom zipped my in and as she tied the sash she said ‘I am going to do an upside-down bow’. Made me think of all the upside-down bows she had tied on all the dresses I wore when I was a little girl.

And another moment was when my dad handed me off to Erik, he was holding my hand so tightly it was so meaningful because he is a quiet man who’s actions always speak volumes.

And… when I said my vows, it all became very real in that very special moment as I told Erik my love and commitiment to him with all our family and dear friends present.

My brother, Kevin marrying us.

Ok, I know that’s more then one, but I couldn’t narrow it down…sorry :/ I could go on and on as I have so many favorite things about the day!

His favorite memory of their wedding day?: I have so many also…. Number one- saying my vows. Trying to express the magnitude and depth of my feelings for Emily was exciting and honest and really … Amazing. Also, seeing my best friend growing up, Jeff, and watching him in action as he did his thing was so great because I can see how happy he is in life. Dancing with my mom since she promised me she would dance at my wedding. My first dance with Emily because I know her love of dancing and to be able to share in that with her was really exciting. Also, Having all of our friends and family together, laughing and smiling and enjoying themselves was so heartwarming- I love making people smile and these were people so close to my heart, and that Emily and I could affect everyone so profoundly was a joy for me.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?: A cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, we stopped at Malaga Spain, Lisbon Portugal, Casablanca Morocco, and Barcelona Spain. We boarded at Genoa Italy.

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