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Everybody Line Up!

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That’s right I said it, the photographer who typically doesn’t fret too much about uniformity is speaking out.  Only because I truly want my couples to have the absolute bestest photos EVER!  I just can’t help but notice and most weddings there is a slight decrease in my bridal party lining up at the alter.  I don’t mean to walk to isle, I’m talking about the nice straight  line of shoes that is so nice to my cameras eye while they patiently stand at the alter waiting for their favorite buddies to tie the knot!

This topic keeps burning away in the back of my mind so I figured I jot down some notes and put it out on the web.  Folks the pictures look really nice if you’re all lined up like little soldiers.  Even if your the casual couple with the laid back reception, trust me the photos look so great with the uniform bridal party.

It not only help us frame a nice wide shot of your ceremony it makes for some really great snap shots of the feet all aligned, the flowers all in a row, and men your boutonnières look fantastic all lined up!  I know I know particular!  We just want the absolute best for our couples and as we see the little things that could make a big difference we want to share, after all don’t you deserve the absolute best and WANT the absolute best for your wedding day?

Thank you for reading my rant 🙂

xoxox Amber

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