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Dani and Patrick – Laughlin Ranch Weddings Bullhead City AZ

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Dani and Patrick got married on a windy Irish day!  Yes thats right St. Pattys day.  Even through the AZ winds blew this couple kept smiling.  With a killer smile like Dani’s you really can’t take a bad pic.  Patrick and Dani had a great clelebration of their love with family and friends and it really shows in all of their photos.

So bummed I missed this one, we’ve really grown fond of Dani.  She’s actually assisted us on a shoot before and has a love for photography herself!  Hopefully you will all see more of her pics in events to come.

Dani and Patrick congrats to you


Amber and Jeff

Kelly and Edward – Wedding Shugrues Lake Havasu City, AZ

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You may recognize these two love birds from their engagement session we did last summer.  It is always so rewarding to be a part of someones special day, and theirs was just that.  I’ve been to a handle ful of weddings and captured another handfull where the love is so strong that it really shows through in the ceremony.  I think I counted three times during their ceremony where Edward or Bubba as everyone calls him leaned in for a kiss cause he genuinely wanted to kiss the women of his dreams and she had to keep reminding him that it wasn’t time.

It’s so great to see such sweet love.  Shugrues did a fantastic job with the decor and ofcourse the fabulous food!  I had many favorites but here are the ones I really wanted to share.




Jennifer and Van – Wedding Tonto Verde Country Club, Rio Grande Arizona

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You may recognize Jennifer and Van from a few months back.  We threw some dirt at them and made sure they where good and dusty before sending them off on the road towards Phoenix from their completed engagement shoot.  I’d love to report that we did it again however there is know way we could do such a thing to this sweet couple.

Jennifer and Van got married at a gorgeous country club out in Rio Grande (which was totally off the beaten path, but totally worth it) and the views where gorgeous.  Great staff, super friendly and accomodating, they even let us rearrange the dining room for a photo idea.  I just love when they let me detroy places for a good pic!

I really enjoyed the simpleness of their day, lots of friends and family, cute and warm decor really tied this all together.  The goof booth was a hit and the popcorn filled mason jars where a fantastic touch as their wedding favor.  Check out the fun we had with Jennifer and Van on their wedding day.



Devin and Dan – Weddings Mission Viejo Country Club Mission Viejo California

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What a gorgeous sunny Southern California day for a perfect wedding setting.  Devin and Dan had such a great group of friends and family it made capturing their day so much fun! This was our first Jewish wedding and wow, they just have way too much fun!  I really loved all the bits and peices that went into this traditional type ceremony, it was so sweet and really had all of their friends and family involved.  At the reception their friends even put together a game show type game that the bride and groom had to play in front of all of their guests.  From the gorgeous colors, cake and decor the setting couldn’t have been more romantic.  The Mission Viejo Country Club did and outstanding job and I really hope to be shooting there more.  Jeff and I shot so many pictures it was really tough to narrow it down.  Oh and to date I’m pretty sure there is one in here that is my ultimate fav classic wedding shot I’ve ever taken, gee what a great way to start the year!



Los Angeles Post Wedding Formals and Trash the Dress

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Shooting in LA is always fun as there is truly endless possibilities for amazing photos.  We where hired by a local bridal studio to do some post wedding formals and being the amazing salesmen Jeff is he talked the bride into jumping into the ocean in her dress.  Yes he’s a man of many talents.  We had a blast shooting at the Griffith Observatory and then down in Venice where the backgrounds and textures are new with each and every step.  Check out our favs from this shoot and leave some comments if ya like 😉



Lisa and Daniel – Avi Casino and Hotel

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Lisa and Daniels wedding was our first opportunity to shoot pre ceremony portraits the day before.  It was so cool to capture their reveal in a private little setting on the Avi Golf Course in Laughlin Nevada. I have to mention as you will notice in the pics Lisa wore moccasins down the isle which I think was the coolest thing ever!

On our way to the Avi as we where crossing the Colorado River I spot a plane just docked right outside the island at the Avi, I turn to Jeff and we just both knew we where taking them down there for sure to grab some shots with that fantastic prop plane!!

Lisa and Daniel where just as easy to shoot during this a more stressful time then at their engagement session a few months back.  Check out some of our favorites from Lisa and Daniels portrait session and wedding day!

Amber and Jeff

Ashley and Steve – Hualapai Mountain Wedding Arizona

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Ok so Jeff and I where looking forward to shooting this wedding the moment we booked Ashley and Steve.  Not only did their outdoor mountain wedding completely inspire us (as we are outdoor junkies outselves)  but it was their carefree relaxed outlook on their big day!  I can honestly say I never saw one ounce of stress come from Ashley the gorgeous bride not even right before she walked down the isle!! Who can say that?  I thought I was kick back on my wedding day!   Ashley had such a unique style with her bridesmaids and had them all wearing different types of hand-made dresses which made the photo session really unique.  I met up with the ladies in their cabin to shoot some pre-ceremony, getting ready pics and they where all smiles enjoying mimosas and their Ugg boots (that yes they where during the ceremony) so cute that they all got to enjoy being comfortable and being as warm as possible!   The girls where super fun and pretty darn good sports as I ofcourse made them shed their warm coats to get the most out of our picture session.  Jeff was off with the guys on another … Read More »

Lauren and Nick – Post Wedding Shoot Lake Havasu City Arizona

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With many weddings things tend to go down a little differently.  Sometimes things run late, the weather can affect events running smoothly or certain times of year the sun goes down a little too soon!  At Lauren and Nicks wedding although we got some really amazing shots when it was dark Lauren and Nick didn’t get a chance to get some portraits of themselves in any sunlight at all.  So we all headed out for a little fun in the sun if you will and mixed things up a bit!

Another little interesting side note to Lauren and Nicks wedding was that they never got to the cake cutting.  So Lauren did what any bride would do……..or would they? 😉  She saved the cake, not letting Nick even taste it, she saved it so we could get together photograph it and then destroy it.  At most weddings one common thing we always notice is the Bride and Groom don’t always get to enjoy their dinner, so we thought let’s capture this bride and groom at least enjoying some post wedding grub!  Check out our pics of Lauren and Nick living it up in their wedding attire newly married!

Watch the video below to see … Read More »

Lindsey and Nate – Backyard Wedding Fort Mohave Arizona

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From the moment we photographed Lindsey and Nate in Oatman Arizona a few months back we couldn’t wait for the opportunity to shoot their big day!  Lindsey has this ridiculously gorgeous smile that spans ear to ear so you literally can’t take a bad photograph of her.  I’ve never seen a bride not take her eyes off her groom an entire ceremony until meeting Lindsey, there is so much love and happiness when these two are together that it is really tremendous to see!  I had the opportunity of getting to do a reveal and a little early morning shooting of the two of them and Nate was so nervous about seeing his gorgeous bride it had to be the sweetest thing I’d ever seen.

How could I forget all the details…….

Lindsey had been working on every single detail of her wedding for I believe “years”.  I’ve never seen so many adorable hand picked, home-made and hand-made gems in one place before.  We all had so much fun just shooting the details even before there where people there!  The setting was beautiful, simple, elegant and sincere.  Set in a family member of Nate’s home, where the guests where encouraged to roam around … Read More »

Tona and Julie – Laughlin Ranch, AZ Wedding

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Tona and Julie booked us over the phone almost two years out from their wedding date, which is pretty rare here in Mohave County.  Tona knew what she was looking for in a photographer as she herself snaps pics for a living.  This was the first ever same sex marriage we’ve ever shot and it was so nice to see genuine love and friends and family who supported it!  I’ll never forget Tona’s first question to me,  she said “Do you have a problem photographing same sex marriages?”  Ofcourse not I said!  Why would it effect us what your preference is, we just always want the best for our couples and truly enjoy seeing people on love no matter what the circumstance!  Regardless families and love comes in all shapes, sizes and colors!!  Tona and Julie did such a great job, and had a nice, simple yet super fun wedding.  With lots of little surprises like the RAINBOW CAKE!  Yes it was amazing and tasted fantastic, I mean when do you get to see something like that?  Laughlin Ranch always does a gorgeous job and the setting does quite well for some pretty fantastic photos.  Please take a look through … Read More »