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Rod and Leean – London Bridge Resort Wedding and Reception

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Read all about it!  Parker AZ Cheif of Police Marries ex singer beauty!  You just got to see our favorite pics from Rod and Leeans engagement session, you know the ones with the adorable pit bull Gabby clamouring for her chance in the spot light.  Well there big day was just a easy to shoot, Leean did a superb job picking the details to build the wedding of her dreams and their friends and family made the whole event so warm and sweet.

I think my favorite part of the whole day was seeing Rod’s face light up when he saw Leean for the first time.  Their love is so sweet and it shows in their actions towards each other.  Rod and Leean thank you for allowing us to witness your love and capture in our photos.

Vendor Shout Out:
Location: London Bridge Resort
Floral: Interior Gardens

Amber and Jeff

Janel and Chris – Wedding Lady Of The Lake and The Refuge

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Janel and Chris!  What a fun group and such a fantastic theme, these two where just like movie stars on their big day.  We’ve enjoyed getting to know Janel as shes an up and coming wedding planner in our hometown of Lake Havasu and we are hoping to see and get to work with her many more times!  There is so much fun in all the details and she really looked for unique things to make their day so special!

Beyond being the hottest wedding we shot that year it was a total hit!  Check out some of mine and Jeff’s favs 🙂



Myra and Kenneth – Los Angeles California Temple Wedding

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We where so looking forward to photographing Myra and Kenneth’s wedding, it was our first time shooting at a Temple and it was so fun!  The grounds of the Los Angeles Temple are so gorgeous you just can’t go wrong with any angle.  Myra and Kenneth had such a fun theme at their wedding.  Everything was all 30’s, the decor, the attire, the music (yes they had a big band playing the whole night), I think my favorite part was the frosting less cake, and it was amazing!

The friends and family who attended where so warm and welcoming, truly a nice group of people and everyone seemed to know one another and all seemed thrilled to be there.  Oh and I can’t forget to mention that they all must have been part of some amazing swing dance group because they all danced like pros.  Jeff and I attempted to take our dance that we always take at every wedding we shoot together and as hard as we tried to bounce around on the dance floor and fit in, we just looked like rookies!

Please take a moment to check out the photos that Jeff and I chose to share of this … Read More »

Jim and Barbara – Wedding The Refuge Golf and Country Club

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Shooting these two where  extrememly special, we love meeting and capturing love of all kinds, ages, types etc.  And Jim and Barbara are very special, finding each other at this point in their lives and joining their two great families is something so unique.  Watching these two take their vows and walk down the isle was so much fun and brought tears to my eyes.

They had such a sweet small gathering and the warmth from their family and friends made it so enjoyable to be a part of their day.  Please take a moment to view some of my favorites from Barbara and Jim’s day.



Chelsea and Drake – San Marcos Wedding Green Gables Estate

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These two are no strangers to our blog, website and Facebook page.  After doing two engagement sessions with Chelsea and Drake, the excitement for their wedding day just kept building.  Remember, this is the couple who toughed it out in a creepy dark cave for us, just so we could get the killer shot we had pictured in our minds.  Chelsea and Drake had a gorgeous San Marcos wedding at The Green Gables Estate.  Let me tell you this place was a photographers dream come true.  Extreme beauty on every inch of this property really made it tough to concentrate and try to remember we were on a timeline.

All of the friends and family from both sides of the wedding were so sweet and accomading to us and our crew, that it really made for some great photos!  Jeff even got to do his group shot of the entire wedding, and let me tell you, when you have a group this large 450+ thats no easy feat!  However, everyone gathered around so quickly to pull it off it was like it was rehearsed.  Every detail from the flowers, the music played, to the cute decor all played a huge role … Read More »

Jessica and Brad – Wedding The Refuge Golf Country Club

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What can you say about young love that we don’t already know.  We met Jessica back a few months ago and immediately fell in love with her story.  Getting married to the love of her life, so conditioned to spending so much time away from him (Brad) as he serves in the US Marine Corp and totally and completely ready to marry and spend the rest of her life with him.  I was so excited to work with Jessica and Brad right away not even getting to meet Brad until the day before their wedding.  She was so sweet, so beautiful and so in love.

We really knew this love story was one that we wanted to tell with our photos.  Not only did we do wedding photos, but our whole team was in full effect covering the entire day with video coverage as well.   At an event like this you really can’t do it up right with out a video.  There is just  too much love and emotion to show to not capture it on film.

After you browse through our pics that we truly love and couldn’t wait to share with the world, take a minute and watch our … Read More »

Chris and Alicia – Wedding Shenandoah Mill Gilbert Arizona

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It’s all in the details and this wedding had some killer details!  You may recognize Chris and Alicia from their engagement photo session Jeff did back a few months ago.  Chris and Alicia came down to Havasu for a wedding consultation and to do an engagement session.  After getting a ton of great photos we just knew this wedding was going to be gorgeous.  The whole group and family and friends themselves where so much fun to photograph and just be around!  We grabbed some awesome pics of Chris brother and I’m pretty sure he was posing for us on purpose.

If you’re looking for an amazing location to hold your ceremony and or reception in the Gilbert Arizona area then you must check out the Shenandoah Mill.  It’s such a cute, quaint venue that makes you feel at most, however also holds alot of guests and does a fantastic job housing a great party!  The garden is to die for and the lighting is superb!  We hope to have the opportunity to shoot there again.




Erica and Kevin – Palm Springs Wedding

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So this wedding earned us two new things –

Number #1:  This is the first photographer to hire us to shoot her wedding, how super flattering might I add

Number #2 This is the first time we’ve captured a couple Eloping!!  It was such an honor to be there and shoot  them on their exciting journey.

Erica and Kevin where so much fun to work with, and from their photos you’d have no idea the winds where like 80 miles an hours (well it seemed like they where anyway).  The desert and rolling sand dunes really made for some gorgeous backgrops and we enjoyed every second of it.  Now just to get all the dirt out of our cameras!



Alicia and Eli – Refuge Country Club Wedding

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We’ve gotta give Alicia and Eli a lot of credit.  Besides putting together a gorgeous event they actually trusted us enough to hop in our Rhino and go off-roading just minutes after they became husband and wife to grab some truly unique wedding photos.  Something about a gorgeous bride dressed in white with her hansome groom stuck out in the desert we just couldn’t resist.

I know bouncing around in the backseat of the Rhino was uncomfortable for me, I can’t even imagine how Alicia must have felt!  After all these photos turned out fantastic and we are thrilled to be able to add them to our collection.

Alicia and Eli thanks for trusting in our crazy out there shot ideas!


Jackie and Dave – Race Car Wedding The Buttes Tempe Arizona

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Where do I start….Jackie and Dave kick ass.  Thats right, from the first phone call/Skype attempt we knew this couple was going to have a killer wedding.  Dave races his GTO out at the speedway for fun, with Jackie by his side.  From the moment our crew arrived in Tempe at the track to film his last race session of the day we just kept capturing one great shot after another.  Their friends and family where so warm and welcoming, probably thinking we where all a little strange, as we roll in a crew of 6 to film with cranes, glide cams and other gadgets, they must have all been thinking WTF?  Jackie and Dave have a pretty killer wedding film being edited right now by John our team editor and let me tell you from what we’ve seen so far, this video is going to make you laugh, cry and wish you had a race car wedding.

This couple really pulled out a bunch of surprises during their ceremony and we got to capture all of them, including the Marilyn Manson cake cutting and toss at Jackie’s sister!  Haha it was amazing, however I did get a little cake in … Read More »