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Erik + Emily – Wedding Brooklyn New York

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This being my first trip to NYC you’d say I have been pretty pumped up for these two to walk down the isle!  Erik and Emily chose The Foundry as their wedding day location and wow is all I have to say.  This perfectly aged industrial building was such a gorgeous setting.  With three levels, two inside and one outside we had so much fun running around grabbing up different angles and views.  You’ll really get to see this place in all it’s beauty in their cinematic wedding film coming soon!

The day started with us capturing Emily’s details and her placing the last few touches on herself before we headed off to the Foundry.  John and I walked with the girls grabbing some street footage while Jeff shot the guys with some great raw backgrounds through out the streets.  Once we got inside the Foundry we fell in love, it’s wide open space and insanely gorgeous natural light made our jobs a breeze!

Their ceremony was so sweet and very detailed and we enjoyed capturing every moment of it!  Please take a look through some of our favorite photos from our first (but not last) New York City Wedding.

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Heather and Louis – Sliderock Post Session and Trash the Dress

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You gotta love these shots below!  I mean what good sports are our couples.  Jeff and Brandon actually talked these two into heading over to sliderock to not only get some amazing post wedding day photos but also to jump in and head down the famous built in slides of slide rock Sedona Arizona.  These don’t need much explanation as they are just plain awesome!



Los Angeles Post Wedding Formals and Trash the Dress

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Shooting in LA is always fun as there is truly endless possibilities for amazing photos.  We where hired by a local bridal studio to do some post wedding formals and being the amazing salesmen Jeff is he talked the bride into jumping into the ocean in her dress.  Yes he’s a man of many talents.  We had a blast shooting at the Griffith Observatory and then down in Venice where the backgrounds and textures are new with each and every step.  Check out our favs from this shoot and leave some comments if ya like 😉



Lauren and Nick – Post Wedding Shoot Lake Havasu City Arizona

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With many weddings things tend to go down a little differently.  Sometimes things run late, the weather can affect events running smoothly or certain times of year the sun goes down a little too soon!  At Lauren and Nicks wedding although we got some really amazing shots when it was dark Lauren and Nick didn’t get a chance to get some portraits of themselves in any sunlight at all.  So we all headed out for a little fun in the sun if you will and mixed things up a bit!

Another little interesting side note to Lauren and Nicks wedding was that they never got to the cake cutting.  So Lauren did what any bride would do……..or would they? 😉  She saved the cake, not letting Nick even taste it, she saved it so we could get together photograph it and then destroy it.  At most weddings one common thing we always notice is the Bride and Groom don’t always get to enjoy their dinner, so we thought let’s capture this bride and groom at least enjoying some post wedding grub!  Check out our pics of Lauren and Nick living it up in their wedding attire newly married!

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Friedia and Sunny – Engagement and Post Wedding Session Hollywood California

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This past weekend we had the extreme honor of shooting two best friends of ours in a post wedding/engagement session.  See we where booked for the weekend of their wedding 🙁  so we figured hey lets get em all dressed up and take some killer photos!  Starting at the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood we did our little mock engagement session.  For those of you who have never been, you are missing some truly unforgettable views!  Who would have thought there where so many places and secluded corners to get fantastic imagery.

We finished up our shoot at The Grove Manor, which is a famed mansion in the Holmby Hills area used quite frequently in tons of Hollywood films and television shows.  Right up the road from The Playboy Mansion we caught some great shots of Sunny and Friedia in their Hollywood Romantic Glamour Post Wedding Session attire!  Needles to say these two are just too easy to photograph 🙂


-Amber Janke