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5 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Video

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Let’s face it, this is the day most girls dream of their whole life! So the big question is, do you have the budget? Obvisouly if there was no limit than of course you’d book a wedding videographer. Along with that comes the delema of hiring a team whose expertise is in wedding videography, and not just videography in general. Trust us there is a big difference in the type and style of coverage. However here are a few things we really like to point out to couples who are on the fence.

5 reasons we believe that you should strongly consider having a wedding film

1. Capturing the sights you may not remember. Your wedding photographer will capture the big moments like the first kiss, or exchanging of the vows. With wedding videography, there is the memorable moments that can only be captured onto film. Seeing amazing details that make up your wedding day, or the wide smiles you had when you turned to your guests, all in stunning high definition video is a sight to behold.

2. Re-living the sights you may not have remembered or never got to see… you’ve spent what seems like forever planning and preparing for your wedding day, and … Read More »

Let the Season Determine Your Wedding’s Color Palette

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Your wedding vibe will be set by the color palette you choose. When deciding, ask yourself which tones you have always been drawn to. Which colors evoke feelings of joy and love when you look at them? To identify your vision and offer yourself some clarity, start planning by making a mood/vision board. Gather clippings from magazines or fabrics you love from craft stores and arrange them on a piece of corkboard, so you can see how they look together. Vary the shades and textures of materials. You can add pops of other colors, and you may come up with a combination you never thought of. Or, you might find out you’ve unconsciously known your wedding colors since you were three.

When choosing wedding colors, try to keep it to three: dominant, support and accent. Consult the season, your favorite bloom, your idea of bridesmaid dresses or colors of the venue (if you’ve already chosen it) for inspiration.


April showers bring May flowers, and your spring wedding is seeing green. When choosing a color palette for your spring wedding, you might look to pastels and earthy colors. As flowers bloom and grass grows, springtime offers new life, symbolic of your wedding day. Bring … Read More »

Everybody Line Up!

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That’s right I said it, the photographer who typically doesn’t fret too much about uniformity is speaking out.  Only because I truly want my couples to have the absolute bestest photos EVER!  I just can’t help but notice and most weddings there is a slight decrease in my bridal party lining up at the alter.  I don’t mean to walk to isle, I’m talking about the nice straight  line of shoes that is so nice to my cameras eye while they patiently stand at the alter waiting for their favorite buddies to tie the knot!

This topic keeps burning away in the back of my mind so I figured I jot down some notes and put it out on the web.  Folks the pictures look really nice if you’re all lined up like little soldiers.  Even if your the casual couple with the laid back reception, trust me the photos look so great with the uniform bridal party.

It not only help us frame a nice wide shot of your ceremony it makes for some really great snap shots of the feet all aligned, the flowers all in a row, and men your boutonnières look fantastic all lined up!  I know I … Read More »

A Little History In Wedding Gift Giving

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I saw this cute little graphic piece that goes over the history of wedding gift exchanges between husband and wife!  Boy how times have changed!! It’s to bad the exchange of cows and other farm animals have gone out of style, man oh man how fun would it be to capture photos of that happening!  Imagine the candid moments there!

It’s always quite interesting to see how family has played a role in the exchange of vows and how long thought up traditions such as the bride wearing white, still hold strong.  Anyway kick your feet up and take a quick 5 minute break from all that wedding planning and have your self a little chuckle!



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2012 Arizona Weddings Features

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This is the second year some of our couples and their wedding photos and details where chosen to be in the Arizona Weddings magazine real weddings section and this year we thought it would be fun to show off the winners!

The first is Ashely and Steve, they had the quaint mountain wedding in the Hualapais of Kingman Arizona.

The second featured wedding was Lauren and Nick, with a Refuge ceremony and a backyard reception this event was very gorgeous.

Here are some other photos that they chose to print and use throughout their stories and we are so thrilled to be a featured photographer with Arizona Weddings Magazine.  You can pick up the issue on stands now!

and ofcourse you can read some of my wise words featured in one of their articles below 🙂


Thanks for reading!

Amber Janke

Great service for our clients

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I like to share my new finds with friends and clients when I know I’ve got something good to share, especially if the find is something that I know they can use.  We have gotten calls in the past where people are looking for a company to take their older vhs tapes and convert them to digital format.  Well there is a fantastic new website where you send in your tapes, disc etc and they will do all the work for you!

Friends check out PhotoBin!  Super easy to use and they have a ton of other photo services.  Typical professional photo service companies charge a ton for converting tapes to dvd, or scanning old photos to digital formats, so I’m telling you as a professional photographer this service is top notch and you really can’t go wrong!

Here are some links to their services:

Video to DVD Conversion

Photo Scanning or Photo Copying

The Traveling Photographers Needs

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As a professional photographer nothing is more stressful than loading your gear onto an airplane or even packing it in a car.  Lets not put it out there but hey there is always a strong possibility of some sort of accident that could harm or damage your camera.  Now what in the world happens when your whole batch of L series lenses are being thrown onto your plane without your knowledge (and yes they most likely throw our gear) even though you have marked it EXTREMELY FRAGILE?

You can always turn to a lense or camera rental store. Now you may or may have not even known something like this even exists, well it does!  And yay for us!  See know matter what precautions us pros take, being so careful and selective in our gear loading process or even purchasing the highest and best coverage for our equipment possible there is always still an unknown factor that only so much is in our control.

I’ve turned to many online rental stores or even local stores if I’m in a big city.  Most of these online guys can supply you the gear you need next day!  If you’re lucky enough to be near … Read More »

Wedding Day Make Up Essential Tips

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I’m not going to lie; on your wedding day you are going to be the center of attention. So obviously you’ve got to put your best face forward! Before becoming a full time photographer I spent 11 years in the commercial and editorial print-modeling world, in front of the camera. During this time, I had the opportunity to work with some truly talented makeup artists and photographers. Some of the make up tips I’ve acquired I still use in my daily “get ready” regimen. So, I thought hey, I want to share some of my knowledge with my Brides or any Bride looking for some help in the wedding day face department!

My first and most favorite tip I would like to share is the importance of water. Make sure the days leading up to your “Big Day” you consume plenty of water, as this will really help your body do many things, however for the skin, its really important to get that glow and healthy color, which you just can’t achieve when your body is dehydrated.

Another skin essential is to stay away from harsh skin treatments a few days leading up to your wedding day and avoid trying any new … Read More »

Free Engagement Session

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Hey Friends!  We’ve decided since the holidays are over and that usually means quite a few newly engaged couples are running around out there we want to run a promotion!

Upon following this link to our site and filling out our contest entry form, your are automatically entered for a 1 in 10 chance to be chosen for a free Photo/Engagement Session by Jeff and Amber Janke of Jeff Janke Photography. You will also receive a 10% off coupon code to redeem on any of JJP’s wedding and engagement packages as well as Cinematic Wedding Films packages by Serendipity Films JJP’s wedding production company. You will also, be given a 15% off coupon to redeem on any prints and/or other photo merchandise ordered by you of your wedding and/or engagement photo package.


All couples/applicants are required to post a recent photo of themselves to be considered.

Please note: all applicants will be chosen at random, 1 of about every 10 applicants will be chosen for our free Engagement Photo Session. If you are not chosen, you will still receive our %10 off all of JJP wedding and engagement packages as well as 15% all photo product orders.
All Engagement sessions will be offered a … Read More »

Great website for unique groomsmen gifts!

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Just browsing around on the net like any other day I stumble upon this fantastic site called  Groomsday!  It’s a site with great gifts just for guys!  Obviously this is geared mostly towards grooms to be looking for a nice grooms men gift for their select few who’ll be standing by his side on his wedding day!
It’s got a pretty clean navigation so you can logon and search by gift type, say your best man is a cigar smoker? Well they’ve got a whole selection just for him!  I really liked the six pack o beer belt my self, I’m sure that would make a great laugh.  The gifts range incredibly in price so you can really grab up some bargins for those large wedding parties, however they have some really nice custom engraved piecesas well.
There is even a great section for bridesmaids which is always nice, especially when shopping in a time crunch!  Anyway just wanted to pass this little gem along to any of my upcoming brides and grooms and hope it provides a little bit of help 🙂