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Family Photo Session – Lake Havasu City AZ

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Shooting families is so much fun and to date this is my largest group.  I grabbed up a few of my favorite shots to share.  Let me know what you think by posting a comment 🙂



Lindsey – Glowing Mamma Maternity Session :)

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This gorgeous mamma you just might recognize from a fall wedding we did last year!  Lindsey is just a striking 7 months prego as she was on her wedding day!  I truly love photographing glowing moms to be and just have so much fun with all the details and moments!  Please take a look at a few of my favs from Lindsey’s maternity session




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Maddox is One – Baby portraits

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Meet Maddox, He’s the son of a long time friend of mine from high school.  I shot little baby Maddox when he was six just months old along with the rest of the Gregory family.  What a change there has been since 6 months ago.  I love chasing around little munchkins and capturing them at play.  Check out my favorites from my session with Maddox at the park!





Meet Dan, Hillary and Zack – Family Photo Session Gilbert Arizona

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There isn’t anything more fun than capturing the love and unity of a family.  Doubling up our photo shoots last weekend after our wedding on the 10th Brandon and I had the honor of shooting this adorable family after Hillary (mommy) found us online.  Hillary and I had talked on the phone a few times and exchanged ideas and we really came up with some good brain storming for our upcoming session.  I think it was two days before our schedule shoot she texted me to tell me she had an idea.  Her mom had offered up a friends ranch house complete with cows, tractors, fruit tress and so much more!

The best part we pull up to this ridiculously perfect laid out ranch home, and could not believe the natural props and backgrounds to use.  We literally didn’t know where to start!  Did I mention this is the cutest little family ever?  They should be the family in the picture frames right?

Check out some of the best of the best (although they are all adorable) from our recent photo session in Gilbert Arizona.


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River Rae Bella – Black and White Session

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Photographing your own child can be difficult at times, yes even for someone who takes photos for a living.  My attempt at some headshots of my little munchkin came out completely different than I had planned.  Instead of trying to con River into sitting a certain way and keeping her eyes in the lens I just decided to let her play in her room as I just followed her around.  There where a handful of times where she did strike a pose and surprise me, which leads me to the conclusion that she just likes to mess with me!



Maternity Photography – Mistie of Lake Havasu AZ

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My featured glowing mamma may look familiar to you as she is a past bride.  We photographed Mistie and Nicks wedding last October.  Having only a handful of maternity photoshoots under my belt I did my best to find inspiration for Mistie’s Maternity session.  However what I found out was I didn’t need any at all.  The love surrounding this family and the excitement was all I needed to turn out some great photos that I am so proud to share.  Mistie has to be the tiniest third trimester woman I’ve ever seen.  She looks adorable and can’t wait to meet her new son who will be here in just a few weeks!  Please check out my photo session with Mistie and her daughter Alexis.


❤ Amber


Troyer Family Photo Session – Lake Havasu City Arizona

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I was so surprised and excited to see what a big, happy, good looking family all the Troyers are!  With all “little” kiddos, what fun.  I have to say for as many toddlers where at this shoot they all did a fantastic job of paying attention to me and being good sports.  Especially since there where play grounds and sand nearby.  We all met up to do this little shoot the day after Christmas and it was really nice to see a great big family all laughing and getting to spend the holidays together as they all traveled from different places to make this holiday season all together.

This little lady was all smiles the whole time 🙂

Gotta love the city boy in this shot?  Can you spot him?

The age group here is fantastic!  How much fun is the holidays with this family!!

love love love this one.

Best Family Photo Session – Rotary Park Lake Havasu City

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So Anne and I have been trying to beat the weather and the sniffles for weeks, heck wait…..months! So glad we paired up when we did, even though we got a gloomy day. I feel like we got some pretty darn good photos. The heavy clouds didn’t hold them back as they where all smiles and up for retakes when the sun finally did peak through.

I really loved photographing Anne and Luke’s kiddos, they where a lot of fun. They had so many suggestions and ideas of their own which made my job all the better. Capturing kids doing what they do has to be my most favorite thing about family photo sessions.

It was also pretty cool to capture a generation photo as I myself have one and it’s really significant to have, there fore taking one was an honor 🙂 Check out some of my favs from my recent family portrait session right here in Lake Havasu City!


Nelson Family Photos – State Beach Area Lake Havasu City AZ

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The Nelsons where here in Lake Havasu for their second time on a family vacation!  I was so happy when they called and booked us for their family pics!  Shooting a family of six is always cool for me as I came from a family of the same size myself.  It’s always fun to see all the different personalities that come from a big family.

It’s also pretty cool to get some pics of mom and dad alone, and to still see that love and attraction they have for each other.  I had fun trying to convince the younger ones we where almost done as ofcourse they just wanted to run around and be free and where probably growing very tired of my cues…..”look in the lens, smile, bla bla bla”

All in all what good sports and I even got them to sit still for some kiddo headshots, which I love to do 🙂

Family portraits sessions for the season are booking up fast!  Give us a call today to schedule yours!

– Amber Janke

Wehner Family – Castle Rock Beach Lake Havasu City, AZ

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I met Shawna (Mom) briefly over the phone one day when she called to find out more details about our family photo sessions.  She was so excited about her families recent move and becoming a local here in Lake Havasu and she couldn’t wait to get the news to her friends and family about their new gorgeous home town.  Shawna told me she browsed our site and really fell in love with some of the landscape style couple shots we have done and suggested she wanted to try and get some shots like that but for her family.

Once I met up with the Wehners I knew they’d be a peice of cake to shoot.  Great looking parents and two ridiculously adorable little girls that took the best direction I can honestly say I’ve ever experienced with shoot little ones!  We had so much fun running around Castle Rock Beach and ended up with some gorgeous desert scenery at the last moment!

If you or someone you know is looking for a unique family photo experience then give us a call!  We have extremely quick turn around time so if you’re looking to get some last minute family photos together for the … Read More »