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Cherise and Cory – Engagement Session London Bridge

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Two seconds after introducing myself to these two I knew I was going to have a blast with shooting them.  They where king at making silly faces and interacting with each other which is always fun to shoot.  The weather was perfect and the lake setting made for some really great shots.  These two walked all around the bridge with me as I kept coming up with different ideas.

We are very much so looking forward to their June wedding.  I have a feeling we are going to get to capture some pretty amazing photos of this quirky, fun spririted couple and I can’t wait!




Christine and Curtis – Engagement Session Parker Havasu Springs

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It was so fun to shoot out in Parker at Havasu Springs, we’ve never shot out there yet to date.  Christine suggested it over the phone and we jumped at the idea of a fresh location!  Christine and Curtis brought their Angels T-shirts which was super fun and unique.  Being ex-OCer’s we where thrilled when they pulled out their shirts.  Yet again shooting a couple from Orange County that we’ve never met before that day, it was smooth and simple as can be.  I’m telling ya we’ve got the best clients ever!



Dani and Patrick – Engagement Session Oatman, Mohave Desert and Open Mines

Posted on February 26th, by admin in blog, engagement sessions. 2 comments

Yep you read the title correctly we’ve lost our minds and stuck one of our lucky couples in an open mine!!  Hey Dani and Patrick where super good sports so you know what that means…..we’ve gotta put em through a little test!  Oatman Arizona is always a fantastic setting for ridiculously artistic photos even when it’s bone chillingly freezing out!!  Seriously our teeth where all chattering but we pulled it off and rocked another super duper session with these two!


Check out some of mine and Jeff’s favs from our engagement shoot a couple weeks back, yes I said a couple weeks, we are wayyyyy behind.  Tons to come 🙂





Alicia and Eli – Engagement Session at the Lake Havasu City Balloon Fest Carnival

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So we had big plans for Alicia and Eli’s engagement session last weekend set to take place at Lake Havasu’s annual Hot Air Balloon Festival.  When we where there the night before just watching the gorgeous Havasu Skyline fill up with Balloons all around us it clicked.  We needed to shoot a couple here!  So quickly we call Alicia and get them all set up to recreate the magical balloon filled sky and completely reschedule our original idea.  As luck would have it that next day turned to be the windiest day this year so far!  I’m talking sand in the eyes, pushing your around kind of wind.  We where still optimistic, moving forward we all headed to the balloon fest only to find out no balloons where launching with the wind in it’s current state.  So we did the next best thing……we staggered over to the carnival section where are the fun rides and games where set up and decided to take on the wind.

Might I say what we got was some pretty fantastic photos that really came out quite nice!  We had a tough time I’m not gonna lie with the dirt in our eyes consistantly and keeping … Read More »

Jennifer and Van – Desert Engagement Session

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The minute we met Jennifer and Van we knew our desert sand storm photo session idea was going to rock!  It’s as if Van knew to bring a cowboy hat to fit our theme just right!  We happened to be out on a family Rhino ride back in the hills behind out house and as we romped around have a good time we realized how cool the dust looked as it began to settle behind us as the sunset.  With our creativity flowing we knew this was going to be an upcoming spot for a willing couple.  All we needed was someone in love and willing to get a little dirty 🙂

Jennifer and Van where such good sports and didn’t complain one time as we had Brandon dust them out as we snapped away.  We are looking forward to seeing what we can put these two through on their wedding day…..


-Amber and Jeff

Deborah and Ryan – Engagement Session London Bridge

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Deborah and Ryan met us over the phone and all I remember was Ryan saying we want to be near the water in our pics!  So natually being water freaks ourselves are brains started boiling with ideas!  We met out at the fishing peir off London Bridge Road which was a first for us.  The sun was still a little high but we got some fantastic shots none the less.  Ending up with the sunset fully set and the London Bridge as our back drop, Jeff and I where pretty excited about the round of photos we got to do with Ryan and Deborah!  We are very much so looking forward to their wedding this fall at The Heat Hotel and Reception at Shugrues.  It should be a pretty great event, I’m just worried being so close to the water during the ceremony we may be tempted to jump in during one that hot September day


🙂  Amber

Ashlyn and Alex – Engagement Session Lake Havasu City AZ

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Ashlyn and Alex traveled from sunny Southern California to shoot with us and we where honored!  They both had a such a fun loving spirit and you could really feel the love between these two.  Ahslyn has some really great plans for her upcoming big day and we can’t wait to be there at the Nautical this fall to photograph it!  We got some really cute stuff with Ashlyn and Alex and the little fire photoshoot surprise at the end was the icing on the cake 🙂


Gerrie and Kim – Engagement Photo Session Lake Havasu AZ

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Gerrie and Kim where so much fun and super easy going. They loved all of our ideas and made our jobs pretty simple! One couple in love (check) super excited photographers with unique ideas (check). We are very much so looking forward to Gerrie and Kim’s wedding that is coming up this fall to take place in the London Bridge Channel and Shugrues and we just can’t to part take in the party that it’s going to be!

Browse through some of our favs from this happy couples recent engagement session in sunny gorgeous Lake Havasu City Arizona!

This seriously doesn’t even look like planet earth 😉

ambers fav…

Katelynn and Ryan – Oatman Engagement Session

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Setting an engagement session with Katelynn and Ryan in Oatman before we even met them really had us feeling good!  If you’ve ever been to Oatman then you know what I’m talking about.  The scenery is astounding.  There is nothing like some old buildings with crazy color and texture to really give you some truly gorgeous photo options.  There was even more of a plus to our day when we finally got to meet Katelynn and Ryan.  Like many of our Brides and Grooms to be we met Katelynn via website contact form.  She mentioned they wanted to get some engagement photos done while in town for the holidays and then would be heading off to the Caribbean to finish medial school.  I know sounds rough huh 😉

Katelynn asked right away how we felt about them bringing Ryans 81′ Corvette.  Now being a car entusiast myself I’ll never turn away an auto inspired photoshoot!  Needless to say these two are adorable and their car was just down right badass, but we truly had such a great time shooting these two!  We even tortured them a bit with ice cream on this chilly little December day 🙂  Check out the pics … Read More »

Alicia and Chris – Engagement Sessions at the London Bridge

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We recently booked Alicia and Chris for their Spring wedding in Gilbert at the Shanendoah Mill.  Chris and Alicia where such a blast to shoot and where up for any ideas we threw out at them.  It’s really great to shoot couples who are so comfortable and happy just hanging out in their own moments while we capture them!

This was their first time in Havasu, so obviously they had to see the London Bridge while they where here!  After running them all around the London Bridge shops and up and down the channel, we finally ended their shoot out on top of a scenic hillside where they could get a whole view of Lake Havasu to remember their engagement session/trip to Havasu!  Check out some of the highlights from Alicia and Chris’ engagement session.