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Melanie and Darrell – Engagement Session Los Angeles

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We can’t wait for their wedding next spring!  It’s going to be a and gorgeous day….Shooting laid back couples who are just out to get the best pictures possible is our fav!  Our idea for these two started with a vision that Darrell had, see he has special access to LAX and is involved with the construction of the new international terminal, so he had worked his butt off to make special arrangements to make this happen.  Unfortunately people fell through and after lots of driving around through the airport trying to get in touch with his contact we all decided heck with it!  Jeff suggested we shoot down to the beach and get some great sunset shots, which lets face it……you can’t deny a gorgeous socal sunset on the beach!  We hope Melanie and Darrell love their photos as much as we do!

Here are some of our favorite photos from our engagement session with Melanie and Darrell.


Makeup: Jennifer Siedler – Los Angeles, Ca

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Jessica and Jr – Engagement Session Lake Havasu Az

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Jessica and Jr!  These two deserve and award for being able to with stand the July heat to get their engagement pics done geesh!  So Jeff discovered these blue doors that he knew he just had to shoot, and whalla they where into it!  We really liked the fun and silliness they brought to their session and we thought we should let it show in our favs for this post.

Check out some of our most favoritest pics from their engagement session shot by Jeff.



Marcus & Alexandria – Engagement Tempe AZ

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Have you ever seen a girl skateboard in heels?  Well we have!  You’ll see in a moment just how much skills this upcoming bride to be has!  We met Marcus over the phone, who was completely thrilled at the idea of doing an engagement session with his sweetie!  It’s truly an honor to get to shoot all these couples in love, and to capture their unique story.  These two came totally prepared and pulled us all around town with their ideas and we LOVED it!

We are very much so looking forward to capturing even more of their big day next month so stay tuned for more amazingness!!


Amber and Jeff


Melissa and David – Enagement Lake Mission Viejo California

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You gotta love a couple in love in a little boat right?  Haha well Jeff and I thought it would be so fun and totally different from what we typically get to do if we tossed these two in a metal fishing boat and went a strolling!  Melissa and David are so much fun to be around and we just loved chasing them around with our 3 mile an hour speed boat to snap some good shots!  There wedding is coming up fast here in a couple of weeks in Newport Beach at the Balboa Bay Club and we couldn’t be more excited!

Since we shot their engagement session on the 4th of July we had to grab up some pics under the fireworks which was so fun, however a bit difficult.  Especially because it seems the place we chose to watch from didn’t choose to do a grand finally????  I mean seriously no grand finally?  Weird….Anyway we had a blast with these two and are super looking forward to seeing them in their wedding attire in just a few weeks!




Kayla and Danny – Engagement Session San Juan Capistrano

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Alright so I have to admit I’m pretty partial to these photos, some people reading this already know but I’m sure there is a few who don’t.  The adorable beautiful woman in these photos is my little sister.  I can’t believe she’s getting married and is even grown up enough to get married….I am so honored to be a part of their wedding day and I’m not totally sure how well I will contain myself at NOT taking photos non stop while I’m supposed to be standing at the alter being a bridesmaid.  Sorry Kay it’s going to be tough 🙂

Kayla and Danny are a fun bright couple who also happen to be amazing dancers!  Their reception is going to be at their dance studio in south Orange County, something tells me this event is going to be way too much fun!  I am pleased to share some of mine and Jeff’s favorites from my not so little sis (she towers over me).  More to come this December when these two tie the knot!



Big Sis

Ashley and Joe – Scottsdale Engagement Session

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Everyone Meet Ashley and Joe!  These two lovebirds have known each other since the toddler years!  Yep thats right Joe says he remembers seeing Ashely for the first time when she was three years old.  The two grew up in the same circles you could say, as both of their fathers played in the big leagues for the Minnesota Twins.  How sweet is that?  Currently residing in the Scottsdale area Ashely told us all about her favorite hiking spot where Joe decided to propose to her.  We where lucky enough to head up to the trails to grab some incredibly gorgeous scenic shots of these two in the hot Arizona sun!

Who would have thought that some desert trails could captivate such beauty!  Ashley and Joe are getting married later this year in December and we are so looking forward to their nuptuals.  Not only are these two totally easy on the eyes and a blast to shoot, they also happen to be really sweet people.  I mean they with stood many many photos in some pretty hot temps and they just kept smiling and looking fabulous!

Check out some of mine and Jeff’s favorites from … Read More »

Lara and Tony – Oklahoma to AZ for Engagement photos

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These two where all giggles during their engagement shoot it really made for some great photographs!  After a pretty full day of traveling from Oklahoma to Phoenix, and then in a rental car to meet up with us to carpool to a near by ghost town (Oatman) Lara and Tony where troopers!  We had alot of fun showing these two through the desert, they even got to see some of the local wild donkey’s in Oatman.  Don’t worry we coached them on not walking too close behind them!

When we get couples who aren’t afraid to laugh and be silly and poke fun at each other its so easy to get great shots, being yourself is the best thing you can do when taking your engagement photos and they did not have any problem with that!  I have to admit I was a bit nervous to trek these two up into the mountain ghost town at the end of May for fear that we would run into tourists, snakes, 110 degrees bla bla bla.  However when we arrived in Oatman there was maybe three people roaming the streets, it wasn’t hot in fact I was sorta chilly and the light was … Read More »

Rod and Leean – Engagement Session Lake Havasu City

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Rod and Leean looked stunning as they walked towards us that super gorgeous day in May for their engagement photos, which was a nice relief since we had to cancel our original scheduled shoot due to horrible weather.  We where happy they brought their sweet little pup “Gaby” with since she’s part of the family. I’ve never seen a dog more into her owners, Gaby didn’t like being left out of any of the pics, which is why you see her making an appearance in most of these that we picked for the blog.

Check out engagement session with these two down at the London Bridge and at The Sand Bar in Lake Havasu City Arizona.



Kristal and Andrew – Las Vegas Engagement Session

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Kristal had called us and had all these great ideas and places they had in mind for their engagement photos.  Our first stop was the bowling alley.  Andrew is quite the bowler and showed up with his pro gear.  Turns out the bowling alley is really significant for these two, as this was where they shared their first kiss, how sweet right?!  Second, they took us to the Aria and City Center, where for a photographer it really becomes hard to focus as there is one gorgeous piece of artwork, or fountain, or statue, or backdrop after another.  So we tried to minimize and shoot what we saw as we walked.

Finally our last stop on our shoot was the Neon Sign boneyard in Old Las Vegas.  If you’ve never been, you must go!  Now to shoot there, you need to reserve a spot as it’s only open to the public during tours in small groups.  What a cool place I must say, one reconizable sign after another and they all look so damn cool just sitting there in the dirt.  If you look closely I’m sure you’ll recognize some pieces that you may have seen back in the day long before the days of … Read More »

Autumn and Sean oh and August ;) – Engagement Session with a little family pics thrown in!

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We where cutting close with Autumn and Seans engagement pics, however due to some not so great weather every day we tried to schedule we had to keep pushing it.  Without fail though we did get some great photos of this adorable couple and family.  We actually first met Autumn and August a couple of years ago at a swim class, so it was such a nice surprise to see them again when they arrived at our door to do a their wedding consultation.  They brought August which was fun, we’ve never had a couple bring their little one to a session and it worked perfect as River was home with us that day so the little ones got to play 🙂

We can’t wait to shoot these two again in just one week from today!