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Kari and Adam – San Juan Capistrano Engagement Session

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Adam and Kari met up with us in San Juan Capistrano where we began our photo session, like most of our sessions the moment we meet up with a new couple we have so many ideas and we’ve typically brainstormed with them once or twice so we all have a set goal in mind as to where and what we are doing, I promise it’s not aimless roaming……well maybe sometimes, but that totally works too!

We knew Adam and Kari really liked neat textures and elements of nature so we found some amazing backdrops in the area.  Spending most of our time at the Mission in San Juan we where completely thrilled with how the shoot was going and couldn’t wait as always to get to our computers to edit!

The last stop on our journey was a area off Ortega hwy (actually with no trespassing signs) but don’t tell anyone 😉 This field we found was so gorgeous and gave some pretty amazing scenery that was completely different from our downtown San Juan stops.  We couldn’t have been more pleased with our mix of shots!

Take a moment to browse through our favorites of Adam and Kari’s engagement session


Amber + Jeff

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Mykal and Jacob – Ghost Town Engagement Session

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One gorgeous sunny day in February we headed up to Oatman and local Ghost Town set up in a hillside in Mohave County.  We love shooting here as the backdrops tend to always change.  With donkeys as props and old broken down building how can you take a bad photo.  Check out some of our favorites from Mykal and Jacobs engagement session

Amber + Jeff

Jodee and Dale – Runway Engagement Session

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Ok if it’s not easy enough shooting two people completely in love, then they show up in a plane and then bride to be Jodee unloads all her adorable decor and set design goodies!  Seriously I can’t say it enough, we have the COOLEST most creative couples ever!

These two where a blast, and they really knew how to steam it up in the pics.  With only a few weeks away from their wedding we are pretty excited!  We spent a whole day with these two capturing video and photo footage.  In just a few weeks you’ll be seeing these cuties again in their wedding day blog post and then shortly after their cinematic wedding film.

Please take a moment to browse through our favorites from their session and try not to be super jealous of Jodee’s über set design skills!


Amber + Jeff

Andy and Josie – Lake Havasu Engagement Session

Posted on February 8th, by admin in blog, engagement sessions. 2 comments

Josie and Andy yay the couple we finally got to shoot in a hot air balloon!  This was an idea Jeff’s had for along time coming and thank goodness the weather was nice and it worked out just fine!  The 3rd annual Lake Havasu Balloon Festival was the setting with their cute little small town carnival and all the gorgeous balloons you just can’t deny it’s an ideal place for some sweet engagement photos!

Please browse through some of our favs of these two!  Can’t wait for their nuptials this fall


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Andrew and Mallory – Orange County Engagement Session

Posted on December 14th, by admin in blog, engagement sessions. 1 Comment

We knew when we arrived at this location these photos where gonna rock!  You can’t be a cute couple in love, amazing Southern California weather, and gorgeous acres and acres of untouched natural beauty!  I think if we would taken any more photos and gushed over the ones we where both snapping these two would have ran for the hills!

Mallory and Andrew we are so excited for your upcoming vows next summer!  The location of their wedding looks to be as equally gorgeous and with these two as are subjects we just can’t go wrong!


Pascale and Maurice – Save the Date Video!

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Ok these two are definetly not strangers to our blog!  A couple months back before the slam bam month of October (14 weddings later) we’ve finally wrapped the edit of our first ever Save The Date video.  We are super excited to share with all our viewers the little love story that these two dreamt up!

Pascale + Maurice – Engagement Session

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A few weeks back we shot these two again! It’s always fun to get these two in front of the cameras! With a little desert setting and some fun styling (provided by Pascale) we turned out some pretty fun and unique photos for Pascale and Maurice’s engagement session.

Pascale put all these details together and had a complete vision for their shoot, I’m so completely ecstatic for their wedding day and to see what she comes up with.

I just love the dedication these two bring in all their photos!

Antonio + Mo – Engagement Session Lake Havasu Gorge

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These two adorable love birds will be tying the knot next fall and we can’t wait to capture it all on video and in photos!  Antonio and Mo drove out three hours to shoot with us and we where so excited that they jumped at our idea to shoot in the Gorge.  It’s such a serene location and perfect for pictures.  With bright blue skies, two cuties in love and a few photographers how can you not get great pics.

I think headed out by boat is a pretty fun way to get to know your clients and right away you really earn their trust 🙂

As with most of our engagement shoots the stuff we shoot right at the end is always my favorite, not sure how or why that happens but it does over and over again.  Please take a moment to browse through out Engagement Session of Antonio and Mo.


Amber + Jeff

Stephanie and Russ – Engagement Windsor Beach

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You gotta love the sun and warmth in Havasu to have your engagement and wedding here!  The best part about the photos it really shows off how magnificent the look of warm, hot sun can show in pics.  Shooting on a cloudy day can pay off as well, however you just don’t get the color and brightness like you can with sun.  Stephanie and Russ where totally troopers during their hot hot hot engagement session and helped us turn out some truly magnificent photos!

Please take a look at our engagement session with Stephanie and Russ!


Jeff and Amber


Pascale and Maurice – Behind the Scenes Engagement Video

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You’re going to see a lot of these two as we have one very exciting engagement video/save the date video coming up here in the next week to debut! Not to mention the amazing Authentic Mexican/Mission Wedding we are covering next May. As a photographer you can’t help but fall in love with all the couples you shoot and getting the opportunity to get to know them and their story. Pascale and Maurice fell in love in Lebanon their home, where Maurice played professional basketball. Pascale is an up and coming Event Coordinator and let me tell you, with her ideas and what she’s planning for her own wedding, this girl is going places! Her creativity is threw the roof!

As far as filming and photographing these two….we couldn’t have asked for easier subjects! Every detail was covered on the day of shooting, they even prepared their own treatment and script idea for their video. We are so excited to share the video once it’s done, so stay tuned. While the cameras where rolling Jeff and I took turns snapping some adorable shots of these two behind the scenes.