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Chelsea + Jacob – Pumpkin Patch Engagement Session

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As soon as Chelsea mentioned shooting at a pumpkin patch I packed my bags.  Well maybe not that quickly.  But lets just say we where both pretty excited about the setting for their engagement session.  It turns out that Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center California was home to their very first date, so I mean why not!

Even though there where lots of families and people out enjoying their Sunday we had so many opportunities to get great photos of them!  We hope to get to shoot their again 🙂



Rhiannon + Daniel – Santa Barbara Engagement Session

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We recently got to shoot these two love birds in Santa Barbara for their engagement session!  We had a lot of fun at the Court House (which is amazing) and then at the beach!  Check out some of our favorite shots!


Lyndsay + Andrew – Engagement Sesh Orange Circle

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I know Lyndsay through one of my best friends, so needless to say shooting her and Andrews wedding is very exciting and kind of a big deal!  Right away when we Skype’d with Lyndsay we knew our job was going to be a breeze, she’s gorgeous and from the pics and what we’ve heard of Andrew we knew that this first opportunity to shoot them at their engagement was going to be nothing but magic!

Lyndsay told us all about their style and some details of their wedding and after a little time with our thinking caps on we felt like the Orange Circle seemed like a great spot to meet up and capture some amazing photos!

We can’t wait to photograph these two getting married next spring and after you look through some of our favs I think you’ll see why….


Rachel and Moe – Engagement Session AZ Biltmore

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We knew we where going to hit it off with these two when we met over Skype!  Super laid back, totally in love easy going on the eyes, what more could a photographer dream of! I’ll never forget Moe’s Iron Maiden shirt, if it wasn’t so out of place I’d rock my IM shirt on their wedding day!  Don’t worry Rachel I would never do that 🙂

In typical Janke fashion we  asked these two what they’re into and where they like to spend their time so we could conjure up the best spot to take their engagement pics.  Rachel told me all about this gorgeous walk they like to do and I knew right then that would be our spot!  See Jeff and I have always had our special walks in every neighborhood we’ve ever lived in, so I completely appreciated the uniqueness of this upcoming day!

Just as we knew every shot including the first one was amazing!  Rachel who is quite gorgeous had one knock out look after another and Moe is just as good looking and looks completely smitten in every shot (which I love)!  You can’t go wrong with the look of love…

We did our best to narrow it … Read More »

Nick and Sashian – Desert Hillside Engagement Session

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We did it again, took two lovebirds and stuck them out in the dirt!  Well really they did it to themselves!  Nick began telling us how he and Sashian have a special spot they like to park in their Jeep and watch the sunset while enjoying some wine!  Immediately Jeff and I exchange that look like alright we’re into this 🙂

We followed Nick and Sashian to the spot where we had to park the Jeep as it was experiencing technical difficulties, while we let the Jeep “cool off” we traveled down the hillside to take some other photos.  Basically I wanted to bring my brand new graffiti chair and throw it in the dirt and pose these two on it! I mean can you blame me, the chair is awesome and completely brightened up the desert, PLUS it have them a nice clean cushy place to rest their bums!

Please browse through some of our favorites from their engagement session and stay tuned as their wedding day is quickly approaching and I’m sure their photos are gonna rock!

Amber + Jeff

Charlene and Matt – Dairy Farm Engagement Session

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This little story starts like this…..Charlene emails Amber, Charlene asks “Hey what do you think about shooting our engagement session on a dairy farm?”, Amber replies, “ummmm YES!” and there we have it!

Maybe quite possibly my favorite engagement photos ever!  I know I’ve said this before and I know I’ll say it again, but what a fantastic setting!  We really had endless ideas for this location!

Charlene and Matt are getting married this coming September at an even more amazing location, the Windmill Winery in Florence Arizona.  And on that date we are going to get insanely gorgeous wedding photos to match their insanely adorable engagement session.

If you’re looking for truly unique engagement photos call us!  We’d love to hear all about you! 310-272-6343

Amber + Jeff

Anna and Ryan – Sedona Engagement Session

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Like many of our couples we didn’t get to meet these two cuties until the day we showed up to shoot their engagement session!  Right away we completely clicked with these two and couldn’t wait to get started.  If you’ve never been to Sedona first of all, go……NOW!  Seriously I joked with Anna that we could literally just pull over anywhere and start shooting and we’d be guaranteed amazingness!

Anna and Ryan just so happen to be ultra good looking and completely new how to style themselves as well!  We like always couldn’t wait to get back to our computers and start editing our geeky little hearts out.  Let me tell you the three hour drive was a killer!  Their wedding which we will get to share here in a week or so was just as adorable!  Stay tuned for their pics from their big day coming soon!

Amber + Jeff

Jenna and Mike – Fishing Boat and Paddleboard Engagement

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For years we’ve been looking to shoot a couple in the too-lies in the Lake Havasu Gorge.  Who better than Jenna a seasoned Paddle Boarder and Tri-Athlete.  Mike just so happens to be a competitive fisherman who was more than willing to involve his fishing boat which helped add to the unique and fun engagement session ideas!

The weather was perfect and our subjects where a breeze to work with!  I think they heard Jeff and I oooohhh and ahhh over our photos as we where capturing them more than we typically do.  I mean what do you expect, when you’re photos are turning out Ahhhmazing with every click 🙂

Jenna and Mike we are so excited to share your pics on our blog!  Thanks for getting creative with us!!

Lindsay and Scott – Scottsdale Engagement Session

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With only a few weeks left to go for these two before their big day, we had a lot of fun running around Old Town Scottsdale!  Lindsay and Scott are getting married at the Anthem Golf and Country Club in Anthem Arizona.  With our crazy busy wedding season right in front of us we are doing our best to post all the blogs we can!

Check out some of our favorites from their couples session in Scottsdale!

Amber + Jeff

Kati and Cole – Hay Farm Engagement Session

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This is Kati and Cole, Kati is a hay broker and hooked up this killer shoot setting!  Needless to say we had an absolute blast and are so excited to share our favorites from their engagement session!

Here is some interesting facts about our two love birds: Kati is Miss Lake Havasu 2012…duh she’s gorgeous and Cole…well he shares the love of the Kawasaki X2 with Jeff.  Just kidding Cole, I know you’re a multi faceted man I just had to pull the Jetski card in your blog post.

Please share, comment like and fall in love with Kati and Cole 🙂

Amber + Jeff