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Jeff + Emma – Palos Verdes Estates Engagement Session

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This is part one of a pretty amazing span of photos/sessions you will see these two in.  I’m not going to reveal part two so you’ll just have to wait and see for yourself.

Both Jeff and I have grown so fond of getting to know these two that it really seemed like getting together with old friends when we met up finally in person to do their engagement session.  Ever since we first chatted on the phone with Emma and Jeff it was an instant click.

These two are passionate about photography and thats the best type of couple for people who really like taking pictures of their awesome couples!  Even though this is just the start of some cool imagery to come here is our favs from Jeff and Emma’s engagement session in Palos Verde Estates.

Amber + Jeff

Brooke + Michael’s Totally Awesome Engagement Session

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Ok well if my title didn’t explain it enough, you’ll just have to scroll down and then it will all make sense 🙂

Brooke and Michael called us up after their story book engagement in Sedona and luckily they found us through their venue!  Immediately we knew we just had to meet these two and hopefully get a chance to get to know them as people and shoot killer photos for them!  Well first opportunity in at their engagement session Jeff and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Right off the bat we felt like a group of old friends which is the greatest feeling ever as photographers.  It really allows us to feel free in our creativity.

Michael I recall announces first off that he is horrible at taking pictures, lol he obviously has no idea what he’s talking about.  And Brooke rolls in with all this adorable wardrobe for the two of them and oh let’s not forget the ridiculous simple little car (yea no big deal) she built as a prop.

I think it’s safe to say again we seriously have the coolest couples in our calendar of weddings that any photography team could ever ask for!  Can’t wait to capture … Read More »

Jen + Dan – San Juan Mission Engagement Session

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We’ve known Jen for years as she’s one of my little sisters best friends and we where so excited and flattered that her and Dan chose us as their wedding photographers.  Starting at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano capturing great moments and gorgeous scenery with these two was a breeze!

I’m so glad we got to head to a few places with you guys it really mixed things up!  We’ve been anxious to get our favs from your session on our blog.

Can’t wait to see you guys at the Winery in May for your gorgeous wedding!

Amber + Jeff

Alice and Nick – Side of the road Engagement Session session

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Yep that it was we did! First off they style in which we captured Alice and Nick was so fun and carefree that we both felt truly inspired the moment we pulled off the road.  Alice and Nick knew of this fantastic little roadside spot they had found in Palm Springs and we just followed along as they took us to the destination.

Once we got out of the car the beautiful pictures kept flowing.  These two feel so comfortable in their own skin and their love is so super easy to capture!  We could have easily just posted their entire engagement session  cause lets be honest, it’s all amazing!

So Jeff and I did our best to narrow it down to our top favs.  Please browse through our recent session of the road gorgeousness between these two!

Amber + Jeff
Wedding Photographers that Freaking LOVE their jobs!

Alyssa and Joshua – Laguna Beach Engagement Session

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We got to shoot these two love birds on Valentines day and in the setting of gorgeous Laguna Beach!  We walked these two all over the place grabbing up all sorts of settings and to top it off they ended up in the water!

Stay tuned as their wedding is just around the corner and we can’t wait to share those as well.


Jenna + Justin – Engagement Session at the Desert Bar

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We’ve shot a the Desert Bar a few times and this time was just as amazing as the last!  If you’ve never seen it for yourself the Desert Bar is pretty fantastic!  About 5 miles off the highway you take an off-road vehicle to this Huge outdoor Oasis, with Live music on stage and tons of people gathered around enjoying their weekend!  Most of which came by way of motorcycle through the desert trail.

Jenna and Justin where so much fun to photograph, laughing and smile the whole time!  We truly just captured them as they where and found different amazing spots and look outs that we’ve never used before!

Here are  a few of our favorites from their engagement shoot at the Desert Bar in Parker AZ.


Kelly and Aaron – DTLA Engagement Session

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This is Kelly and Aaron, they are the most fun couple EVER! Seriously, these two are actors from Los Angeles and completely entertaining to be around. Once these two make it big I’m totally selling these images to OK Magazine (ok just kidding). But seriously I think their amazingness speaks for itself in their images of their recent yet sorta complicated engagement session (inside joke).

Guys I’m so thrilled we got to shoot at LACMA, as it’s been a burning desire of mine for years now. Oh and please remind me of the totally amazing idea I have for your wedding day. I’ve got a pretty killer shot worked up in my brain 🙂

Till we meet again!

Amber + Jeff



yep thats what Jeff looks like when he’s shooting.  Pretty cool huh?

It’s official you now have an album cover.


seriously, you guys crack me up!






Ok so we switched roles for a second, which set came out better?  Their’s or ours?

Blair and Troy – Prescott Engagement Session

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Right smack before Christmas rolled into town we got to shoot these two! We met in Prescott as thats where we celebrated with family this year and took these two all over the square in downtown Prescott and then finished the shoot at a near by lake we’ve been dying to shoot.

Blair and Troy thank you for trusting us and our suggestions because this shoot was a blast! Jeff and I where so excited (especially in those last shots) to get these online to show em off!  Their wedding will be just as gorgeous set in the Sedona scenery, I just can’t wait!

Take a look at some of our favorites from their chilly Prescott engagement session!


Jenna + Ryan – Desert Bar Engagement Session

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If you’ve been to the Desert Bar in Parker Arizona then you know just how amazing it is in person!  If not then you need to get there!  Oh and there is a sweet off-road trail that you and your dirt toys can take to get there!  That just may be the best part of the whole adventure that is the Desert Bar!  Ok enough about our shoot location, lets talk about these love birds!  Jenna and Ryan are just two gorgeous fools in love that couldn’t take a bad photo if they tried.  They’re love shows through in all their pics and we had a blast chasing these two around the desert scenery.

Check out some of our fav’s from our recent session with these two!


Katie + Chris – Engagement Session with a Ferrari

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I mean the title says it all!  We got started on our little adventure with these two and the Ritz Carlton Cigar Bar in Scottsdale and if that wasn’t unique and cool enough Chris mentions some pics with a Ferrari, yes a gorgeous red Ferrari.  Ok twist our arms!  I think Chris was expecting a pic or two with the Ferrari but we did what we typically do, bust out the intense lighting and get to work creating a special scene that only a Ferrari and a gorgeous couple deserves!

We ended this already totally smoking session in the backyard with some might I say killer lighting and a gorgeous view of Camelback Mountain.  Check out some of our favorites of these two!