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Maddox is One – Baby portraits

Posted on April 17th, by admin in blog, child portraits, family photo sessions. No Comments

Meet Maddox, He’s the son of a long time friend of mine from high school.  I shot little baby Maddox when he was six just months old along with the rest of the Gregory family.  What a change there has been since 6 months ago.  I love chasing around little munchkins and capturing them at play.  Check out my favorites from my session with Maddox at the park!





River Rae Bella – Black and White Session

Posted on February 4th, by admin in blog, child portraits, family photo sessions, get to know us. 2 comments

Photographing your own child can be difficult at times, yes even for someone who takes photos for a living.  My attempt at some headshots of my little munchkin came out completely different than I had planned.  Instead of trying to con River into sitting a certain way and keeping her eyes in the lens I just decided to let her play in her room as I just followed her around.  There where a handful of times where she did strike a pose and surprise me, which leads me to the conclusion that she just likes to mess with me!