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Alice and Nick – Side of the road Engagement Session session

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Alice and Nick – Side of the road Engagement Session session

Yep that it was we did! First off they style in which we captured Alice and Nick was so fun and carefree that we both felt truly inspired the moment we pulled off the road.  Alice and Nick knew of this fantastic little roadside spot they had found in Palm Springs and we just followed along as they took us to the destination.

Once we got out of the car the beautiful pictures kept flowing.  These two feel so comfortable in their own skin and their love is so super easy to capture!  We could have easily just posted their entire engagement session  cause lets be honest, it’s all amazing!

So Jeff and I did our best to narrow it down to our top favs.  Please browse through our recent session of the road gorgeousness between these two!

Amber + Jeff
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Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session03 Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session01 Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session02 Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session04 Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session05 Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session06 Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session07 Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session10 Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session08 Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session09 Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session11 Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session12 Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session13 Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session14 Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session15 Palm-Springs-Engagement-Session16 stars

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